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Avoid Anticlimactic Entertainment in Lafayette, Louisiana

AVI systems can bring your favorite films to life

Ever feel like shopping for televisions is similar to channel surfing? You jump from store to store, not quite sure what you're looking for, and you never land on something worthwhile. Audio Video Innovators (AVI) is a local hit. From the moment you step into our electronics superstore, you'll be surrounded by big screens and even bigger deals. We replay huge Hollywood moments in bold color and epic sports games in high definition.

Your new electronics will take center stage

Owning a broken radio is infuriating. Everyone is humming the hit song of the hour without you. Locking up each night and neglecting a damaged surveillance system is unwise. With just one phone call, you can better protect your family. And staring at a defective television is depressing. You would participate in office conversations - if only you could discuss the latest developments of the popular shows.

Audio Video Innovators sells and installs home theater, surveillance and car systems in Lafayette, Louisiana. We know you appreciate the convenience of cutting-edge technology. Modernize your life with help from our knowledgeable staff. Call 337-984-8299 to schedule delivery or installation of your new gadgets.

5 reasons why you need a home theater system

Your crew is ready for the weekend and your movie night is on. You could go to the local theater, or you could impress your friends and family with the advantages of your AVI entertainment system. Stay home for:

  • Mind-blowing surround sound
  • A clear picture in ultra high definition
  • Comfy couch seating
  • Blue-ray compatibility
  • Cheaper (and tastier) popcorn

30 Years of Serving

30 Years of Serving

November Marks 30 Years of Serving the Lafayette Community

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